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Network Management Practices
Blocking. Clarity Connect does not block access to any lawful website, content, and applications.
Throttling. Clarity Connect does not throttle, degrade, or impair access to lawful internet traffic on the basis of application, service, or user.
Affiliated Prioritization. Clarity Connect does not favor traffic or reserve resources to any affiliates.
Paid Prioritization. Clarity Connect does not favor traffic or reserve resources to any paid affiliates or end users.
Congestion Management. Clarity Connect does not track data usage nor does it purposefully slow down connections. Load balancing on equipment is done on the provider end in order to ensure speeds are consistent.
Application-Specific Behavior. Clarity Connect does not inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.
Device Attachment Rules. Clarity Connect does not restrict devices or class of devices from connecting to the network.
Security. The end user is responsible for their network security and firewalls on their routers.

Performance Characteristics
Service Description. Clarity Connect offers wireless internet service using primarily LTE/WIMAX or 5.8GHZ technology and fiber optics where applicable. Depending on the technology the latency will be 30-60ms (LTE/WIMAX) 5ms (fiber optics) and speeds depending upon service plan selected. Real time applications such as Skype is compatible with our equipment and service.
Data Caps. There are no data caps whatsoever.

Commercial Terms
Price. There are no termination fees, data charges or tracking with our service. Depending on the equipment Clarity Connect offers speeds of 6 download and 2 upload (LTE/5.8) and speeds of 3 download and 2 upload (WIMAX).
Privacy Policy. Clarity Connect does not sell your browsing data, track which websites you visit, etc.
Redress Options. Clarity Connect typically responds to tickets opened by customers and leads within 1-2 business days if not faster.


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